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Our Pricing


Every business is different and requires a slightly different pricing approach. Once we have decided together which services you require then we are able to present a price plan that is right for your business.

Price Value


This call will result in multiple options for working together and show you exactly how we'd address each issue you brought up in the discovery call.

It'll also give you a chance to ask additional questions about the team, specific procedural issues and the roles/responsibilities we'll take over.

Pricing questions

How much are your services?

It depends on your exact accounting requirements.  It's probably not the answer you'd like to hear because at the very least, you'd like to see a range.

As we work with many organizations of different sizes, prices vary depending on complexity, urgency, size and the services you'll need.

Rather than setting pricing expectations that may not match your unique situation, we'd love you to reach out and go through our discovery process.

At this point, we'll be able to provide specific prices and options to work within your own situation.

Why are there no prices on this page?

We put a lot of effort into a customized financial plan that spans everything from tax, technology, and internal procedures.

Because each corporation is in a different position, our price ranges are quite large and we'd rather earn your trust during the sales process so you can truly compare us to others.

There's nothing worse than overcharging someone because it's your 'standard package' or undercharging and constantly experiencing frustration due to 'scope creep'.

What size of business do you usually work with?

We work with a wide variety of businesses from $100k to $10m a year. Most importantly, if you believe you're building something meaningful and care about the financial well-being of your company then let's talk. 

What cities are you in?

We work in all Canadian cities, including Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Edmonton and Calgary. Because we're remote, we can perform bookkeeping and tax no matter where you're located in Canada. We also support USA and other Global companies who are coming to Canada.

Delivering Financial Services for over 30yrs!

Established for over 30yrs.
Delivering full virtual chartered professional accountancy services for small and medium-sized businesses across Canada

Full Accountancy for less than the cost of an in-house bookkeeper!

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